Nicolas Bailleul — Visual artist

RGB tour



2021-??Installation, Edition, Web interface

The video installation "RGB Tour" is an evolving HTML page that accumulates an increasing number of video excerpts from room tours (an extremely popular practice that consists of a filmed guided tour of the creator's room), listed and downloaded using a program that transforms specific sequences of YouTube videos into animated GIFs lasting 5 to 10 seconds. Each downloaded excerpt is categorized in the grid of the page based on the objects that appear in the image and the resulting lighting atmospheres.

It is a collaborative and evolving work that will eventually become a procedurally generated film, an endless room tour whose editing will be orchestrated by an algorithm that associates images, objects, and colors. The project will also result in a publication, in addition to my thesis manuscript.

↠↠↠ Web version

Article about this project published in Polymorphe Journal n.2, available ↠↠↠ here.