Nicolas Bailleul — Visual artist





Collaboration with artist Arno Gisinger for the creation of a film as part of the exhibition "Les Bruits du Temps" at FRAC Sélestat.

"The film's title refers to the multiple semantic meanings of the word "replica", which, among other things, describes the authorized copy of an artistic work, but also the second manifestation of an earthquake. Going back in time, the film revisits the people, places and documents that played a decisive role in the realization of the Les Bruits du Temps project, including the collections of the Université de Strasbourg, the Musée de sismologie, the École et Observatoire des Sciences de la Terre, the Bibliothèque Humaniste de Sélestat, the FRAC Alsace and the landscapes of the Rhine rift."

Camera and editing: Nicolas Bailleul. Sound: Thierry Blondeau, Text: Arno Gisinger, with the participation and voices of Valérie Ansel, Charlotte Bigg, Thierry Blondeau and Jérôme Vergne. Transcriptions: Maxime Gisinger.

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