Nicolas Bailleul — Visual artist

The Bedroom: A Space of Contained Creation



2020-??Research, Web interface

PhD research project in research and creation. Under a doctoral contract with Edesta, AIAC Laboratory (Univ. P8), TEAMED/EPHA team, Supervisors: Patrick Nardin / Gwenola Wagon.

"Based on the observation that the emergence of online media has led to an overexposure of the bedroom on the Internet and a spectacular investment of this space by content creators, this exploratory work consists of a spatial analysis of this container-like bedroom through the study of the objects (material and immaterial, human and non-human) that compose it. Through the repertoire and rearrangement of a number of key objects, we seek to redefine the operative surface of an online-exposed bedroom, whose multiplicity of uses and its interconnection within connected networks make it a hybrid and tension-filled space."

Page doctorant : TEAMED / AIAC

The research conducted within the scope of my thesis is centralized around an online archival tool called "Room detour," where I gather my notes, artistic experiments, as well as my corpus of works and bibliographic references. The tool is currently private but will be made public shortly before my defense. It also incorporates a site editorialization system (using the open-source library paged.js) that allows me to directly print the site as a thesis manuscript.